If Quilts Could Talk" Book Review

Let Your Life Speak!
What a great message.
I love this new book by Terri Degenkolb.
 Not only are the new fabrics she designed beautiful it has great messages all thru the book.
I am hoping our local shops get the fabric.I really want to make this one on the cover for my teenager to hang above her bed." Let you life speak" is just a great way to put put be the best you can be! Once you open this book you won't want to put it down. You will want to run straight to the quilt store and get fabric to make everything! Lol don't we all do that anyway!! LOL But you will really enjoy this one! I love it!! If you can't find it at your local shop you can get it at Amazon Just click on the link!


Finshed and Gifted

Here is the Quilt I told you I was making a few posts ago.
I made it for my cute cousin Natalie.  She is having a girl due this month.
Its her first baby. And I am sure will be as cute as she is.

Block 1

I am 1 block behind and there are only 2 blocks so far....
Dang....I hope that isn't an internet swear word...

Look at It Now!

Look how cute my Kindle is now!!
I got it and of course it needed a case to be put in....
so it was back to Amazon.com and SHOPPING!!! Have I told you I love shopping.
And I found this Skin for my Kindle at http://decalgirl.com/ 
You can ge a Skin for everything.....And if you want to change it they don't leave any sitcky stuff  to try to get off. There are hundreds of these to look at and it is so hard to decide. I went with a Purple theme.
 I love it!

New Kindle!!!

I am so excited my new Kindle came today!!
So I am charging it now and I have my favorite tea with the water boiling
on the stove as I type. Of course I will start with the"How To" section
and then move right on to one of several books I already bought on Amazon!!
I had a hard time deciding on a "Nook" or a "Kindle" but the selling point was 
the Kindle reads "Out Loud"! And for my  commute home from work that
would be so nice. Plus save me the cost of the Kindle in Audio Books!
So TaTa for now,

Hang it Up Baby!

I am so excited ...I have more cupboard space and a cute
Pot holder....it does need a plant. I will have to go shopping...
I am so sad....NOT....I love shopping.

I did my pictures backwards...this is my husband and daughter Bethany
finding the center mark. So the pot hanger is centered above the island.

Perfect!! And I have more hooks in case I find more pans....

Bethany happy to be done climbing like a monkey to hold the tape measure
for Dad but not get her picture taken....LOL...

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