The Newest Family Member!

This is Eloise! (AKA Ellie)
She is a mix of AKBASH/KUVASZ
She is so sweet and we are so excited to have her.
She has been sleeping in the kitchen instead of outside because my sons are making her dog house. Or maybe I should say her own Cottage! And it has been raining and snowing here so I can't put her out side! Yes that is an excuse..... but a good one huh!


Today's Thought....

Just a little something to think about....

My New Ride!

Yes that's me!
Riding home from picking up my new scooter!
I went to pick it up and it was so nice out side...if you were just standing around... I did learn quickly about the "Wind Factor". I was freezing by the time I got home. But I love it! I went and got my motorcycle Learners (before I drove it home) and I signed up for the motorcycle class at SLCC. The last part is just for my worrrying husband, but thats ok I am learning alot and I get to take the tests on my scooter. Now I think I will start a Scooter Club....LOL

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's is hoping your day is full of
sunshine and smiles!


The Winner is.......

I am so sorry it took me so long to announce the Winner ...but when you see my next post you will understand!! So Excited ! I had my grandkids do the honor of pulling the winner out of the bowl! They loved it! I hope Trish does too!!
Drum Roll......
the Winner is:
Trish said...
Terrific giveaway ! Read your blog all the time and really enjoy it. I would love to win your give-away. Trish

Congrats!! And I hope you love it! Please email me your address so I can send it to you!

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