Happy Halloween!

This is a family tradition at our home to watch this movie every year.
We just love it! 1 year we are going to dress up as the sisters for halloween.
What is your halloween tradition?

Ready to Start!

I am ready to start on a quilt for a Christmas present.....well right after I find some chocolate.
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You Have Got to See...

I missed showing you a clip on Tuesday and after seeing this last night I couldn't wait until Tuesday. This was such a good movie and had a really good story. It was even worth paying full price and not matinee prices. I love Mary Louise Parker and the whole role she plays. Bruce Willis is always excellent as an action hero....oh my gosh the whole cast was perfect... you have got to go see this show.


Working On...

Here is what I am working on....I think it needs a cup of tea on 1 arm and a stack of books on the other ...
Still thinking.... Sorry the picture is a little blurry...but the next one will be better. Soon as I figure out what to add...

Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

This time the teaser is the trailer...
You will so want to go out and rent this movie or if you have it watch it again.
There is nothing better than to grab your favorite quilt, cup of tea (french vanilla is the best) and a box a tissues! What a great night!!!

So Cute!

I was so excited!
This is the newest addition to my dress form collection!
I got this from Brandon and Lani.
It was the perfect gift!
Thank You!

Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

I love Sleepless in Seattle!
And Meg Ryan is always one of my favs!
And what would you do if you answered the phone and it was the radio
 wanting to ask you personal questions....I would die!

I love movies! Especially happy heart movies. But alot of the time some of my favorites are because of the background...what I mean is ....the town, the scenery and/or the houses. Mostly the houses. Well I found the best blog....

This blog is done by Julia and she had all kinds of picture of homes. She has movie Star's home, homes and movie homes. You just have to stop by....but you will want a cup of tea and alot of time because you won't move...
Here are a few of my favorites from her blog. But you will have to stop by to figure out who they belong to ...if you don't recognized them:

I love the sink and the dish holder

I am packing for my visit now...

So Cute!

I love the walls and I keep telling my husband just how beautiful that would look in my house

I love this stove...can't you hear the tea kettle....

Is that cup of tea ready...swing on by a have fun Dreaming....

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