Weekend Project!!

This is my project for this weekend. I know ...
Another pin cushion...
Oh Yeah... 
I need it...
I want it...
its like fabric
I can never have to many!!


May favorite series Finally has the next one out!
If you really want a a fun light hearted series to read this is
the one.
 This series even has a movie coming out in Jan 2012
I can't wait!
I pre-ordered this on Amazon so the day it came out it went straight
into my Kindle.
I love these books and have a hard time putting them down.
If you are looking for it you can get it on Amazon.

A Fun Shop Hop

Wasatch Front Shop Hop
June 15-18, 2011
Wednesday — Friday 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

I just started but I am planning to hit all of the shops....
Some years I just go to the ones I like but this year I am going to
all of them.
I have hit 4 so far and I do have to say so far my favorite is
Quilter's Haven

This shop is a must (so far) to go too.
Their theme is "the Wizard of OZ  Treats are Ding Dongs (since the witch is dead)
And they even have Toto Patterns in cute baskets with fabric and batting too for sale....oh and for the pin cushion lovers they have a cute one with a red shoe and the filling.
It really makes a difference when they make such an effort to make it fun
and have unique things that the other shops aren't caring.
These girls really made a huge effort to get my business. And they did!
I did enjoy going to
Thimbles and Threads
The thing I really enjoyed about this shop was the going
 down in the basement and seeing the demos. I think that was one of the best ideas to help sell
products and inform customer how to use those products...
I bought one of each!
Plus she had designers doing the demos and it was
so fun to see the designers too!
Today I will hit more but saving the rest for Saturday.



Scissors so many different uses, can you believe the above
is a bracelet.

Aren't these so pretty I don't think 
I would really us them.

I don't know anyone who would let me do this to them.... 
while  they are awake anyway.....hhahaahaha

Kind of creepy scissor art

Party scissors

From Bracelets, to movies Scissors really get around...
Oh I forgot the picture of the "tramp stamp" Scissor Tattoo
I will show in a day or two after I heal more.....

And if you believe that I have a long arm machine for Free!



This is my favorite place to sit and stitch and/or applique.
 I have even been known to hide under a big quilt and just watch TV. 
I think our spot is just as important as "His" spot. I do share sometimes....
Where do you sit..

I Love doing dish towels While I watch a movie...
Here's a few of my favorites

The Gingerbreads are in my cookbook..

Have a great Day and may your needles never become dull!


Moving the Quilt

I changes up the quilts on the walls...here's one ....
but I am not to sure....
Don't notice the computer cord ....LOL...I have to Blog too!

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek...
This is my new pattern I have been working on.
Almost done.....
I am thinking I need to do it with part applique too...
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