Spring and Bunnies!

Spring time! 
For some reason bunnies and flowers make me think of spring!
I love this bunny and the pattern is one of Hollyhock and Ivy.
Pauline always has the cutest doll patterns. 

I did find she sells them at:

and the Handmaiden in SLC.
You have to see all the cute patterns.
See has the cutest doll garlands.


Gracie Lou's Quilt Shoppe!

Look how inviting this quilt is....
I was driving thru Salem Utah on my way home
and there it was....
Well I HAD to stop...
What a cute name...

There were so many fun bolts I couldn't decide what to buy...
so I bought a lot...

Every corner had something fun...
And they had patterns I hadn't seen at the SLC shops.

This is worth the drive just to look...
but believe me you will buy.

I love these patterns too!

Look for the subway on the corner
 if the flowers don't catch your eye.

Weather Vein Quilt

I found the cute quilt over at:
Its a free pattern and so cute!
It was easy to make since you use
Heat n Bond and then stitch down.
I did add the rick rack on the sides
when I was sewing on the binding.

I just used extra scraps form other quilts.

I think this my favorite one.

This went together pretty fast.

I really had fun with this one.
Now I am going to do the chickens 
on dish towels.....so cute huh!!!
Won't this make a great gift.


When Pigs Fly!

I had the best time buying these plates! 

So Cute!

They are all 4 different!

I had no where to put these but I thought they 
were so cute I had to buy them!
My Husband calls them my "Have To Haves"
But if it makes you smile then you must have it!

I found the perfect place!
See where theres a will theres a way.


Spools, Spools and More Spools

I didn't think I was ever going to have all of the spools done!

They weren't hard to make just time consuming....

I am now ready for the next step and I do think it will go quicker.

I love this book! Sorry I couldn't get the picture to turn.
I want to make everything in here...
If you get a chance look thru it next time you are in the quilt shop.
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