Blogging Around friday!!

As I sat down to write about yet another favorite blog I couldn't help but think I really need to share my friend Lori's Blog. Even though I am sure all of you have been to it. So I decide to brag about Lori's blog. Her Blog is and I love to see all the new things she comes up with. I have taken her classes for years and always enjoy every pattern she comes up with. I love how on her blog you see the up coming blocks for the classes she is working on. And if you don't live close you can alway join the class and the quilt shop does ship.

Lori's blog is so fun to watch, She has 10 different buttons on her blog so that should tell you something! I love seeing pictures of what she is working on and the projects she does with her daughter. Who by the way has started doing the stitching for some of her quilts. Wayto go Girl!

In the summer she shares pictures of her yard and their family camping trip. This is a really well done blog and I am sure if you stop by you won't be sorry! And those of us that are regulars .....well I am sure we always will be. Lori is one talented lady and I am always looking forward to her next post.

I love to find a blog that is well done to follow and Lori's sure fits the bill!
This picture is on the bottom of her blog and you know it really is her!! So grab a cup of tea and start reading you won't want to stop.

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