Clothes Line Club (part 1)

This is this month's project...isn't it cute.

Show and tell is my favorite part. But I took so many pictures this month I will have to do it in 2 parts. So keep going a enjoy the pictures.....

Darling bonnet.....

These squares are from a Buggy Barn book And they are so cute.
I wanted to run home and start one.

How fun!

Signature quilt.

Tina is making this for the Festival of Trees.

The easiest and cutest apron.

Quilt square for our exchange.

I love all the colors.

I wish I had a better picture this is so pretty.

Her Mom's wedding dress.

I just love going to club. We have so many talented women it makes show and tell worth the trip to club. There is always something you would to make or see. The quilts are all so pretty and everyone has a different eye for color. I just love seeing what they come up with. And some I wish could sew faster since I love to see theirs. Watch for part 2.

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