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Jill Finley has out done herself with this book. After reading it ....over and over... It made me realized just how many things are becoming lost arts. And being one of 2 quilters in my family I would have to say Quilting in my family will be extinct when me and my cousin drop dead. So I thought Jill really has the right idea with her family. Her book tells you how to plan a retreat and it even has patterns and recipes in it! I have tried 1 recipe "All Together Now Salad" it is so good! I really enjoyed this book and I think you would too! And it is making me re-think planning the Family Reunion and doing a retreat for all the girls! Because I am sure my cousin is going first and I don't want the responsiblity of being the only Quilter...


Aim said...

I have a friend that before their sister weekend, they all made a quilt block for each of the sisters. Then when they got together they pieced the quilt tops together, and they all went home with a quilt top, with a little something of each of them.

I have another friend that for their family reunion, each person was assigned to pick out some fabric that fit their personality, then they just cut out the squares and pieced them together. And every family went home with a quilt with a square from everybody's fabric. They have a fun time remembering who's fabric was each persons.

Sorry for the long comment, I have just thought those were some fabulous ideas.

Karen said...

Sounds like a great book! I'm the only quilter in the family, hard as I try to teach my DIL's, there's no interest. Yet.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

I love both of your blogs! Great recipes are always a "good thing".

Love your blog design!
Hugs, Karen

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