Want to Be Quilter's Campaign

                            If you haven't submitted your name for the Wanttobe Quilter Campaign yet -
 you better hurry over there are some amazing give aways

  GET a GOOGLE acct.( free)
 and how to correct NO REPLY BLOGGERS
( sign up with GOOGLE 
( think link will allow you to set up an acct in seconds)
 To get a Google email, you still use your own,
this just allows you to be set up to leave comments to win)

( we have had over 1000+ visitors leaving comments who are what
we call NO REPLY BLOGGERS ( which means I have no way of 
connecting with you)

Here is what you can do:
  1. In blogger.com, click on Dashboard.

  1. select Edit Profile.

  1. Check the box for "Show my Email Address."

  1. Save changes.

  1. That is all you do...

  1. This will take minutes, which means to YOU

  1. YOU could have won some of these great  prizes this week.

  1. YOU didn't but you could ha

  1. One more thing... To REGISTER IN this Campaign

  1. REGISTER IN this Campaign. Send an e-mail to directly to me at Busyascanbe@hotmail.com with your name, e-mail address, and telephone number. This information will be sent to Madame Samm but it will be destroyed after the campaign.

    Comment on the Appropriate Posts at Stash Manicure
    Be sure and say that "
    Debbie at Busy as can be is my sponsor."

    Tell them you are a Wantobe Quilter ( if you have no tools or experience ) or a quilter who does not have a blog... If you are a Quilter with a blog you can enter Tues and Thurs. 
    ON M-W-F...enter those days in comments to win...Wantobe quitlers..
    T-T days...this is for Quilters..you must comment to win..
    Follow STash Manicure ..that follower button where all the photos are....

    1. Stop by often it can only be lucky! They are having the best guest bloggers so its a win win situation!

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