Where Would You LOVE to Sew Today?

Its getting cold outside and I am thinking I finished a quilt this week so
now I want to sit and stitch. SO we aren't going to a sewing room today
We are going to a room designed by one of my favorite designers
Beverly Ellsley and she has a website at:
When I am rich I will have her do my house. So until then
we will just sew in all the pretty rooms I find.
So today I am going to work on a stocking from
Shepherds Bush:
I need to make 1 for my youngest grandson.
I have been doing their stockings for years
and after I do his I am caught up.

This is their newest one and the one I am doing for
Maybe I will bring my laptop and surf too at that 
wonderful desk.
Well see you next time I have to go don't want to be late....


Jocelyn said...

WOW! I want that room!! What an amazing designer.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Maybe I'll just have her pop in and do a room for me, too!


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