Customer Service Rocks at Material Girls

When it comes to customer service no one does it better then
Material Girls
 Do you want to know why I say that....

I had surgery this week and can't get out of bed for a few days....
So that means surfing the Internet. I had stopped by Lori Holt's blog and saw her 
new Quilt....

Oh my gosh this is so cute and I know that is her new fabric line....
And I better get it now before its all gone.....
So I called over to Material girls. Shelby answered the phone 
and let me know they have the whole line.
I asked if they had fat quarters for each piece.
YES! They did. So I explained to Shelby I can't get out of bed and 
could I order and pay over the phone and have my Daughter
pick it up. She said Yes! Not once was there ever an...uhh I don't know...well let me see...
It was of course we can do that for you. She was pleasant and very kind on the phone.
I was never put on hold and she took down my order and said she would have it ready for my 
daughter to pick up.
I ordered fat quarters of each piece in the line....
I have to show you how they came to me...

She didn't throw them in a bag, she tied them up very nice.
She also gave me the sale I didn't even know was going on!
And with a sweet note too:

This is the kind of customer service that set one store out form the rest.
And Shelby knows exactly how to do that. 
In SLC there are several quilt shops that aren't to far apart 
and they do carry a lot of the same fabrics. So the style and customer service 
is what will set them apart and bring customer in time and time again.
Once my Daughter got to Material Girls there style shown Thu and she was so excited 
looking around that her "I want you to make me" list got bigger.
She even took pictures to show me. It was her first time there but not mine...LOL
Shelby was there to give her my package and was so nice to her too.
Making her fell welcome and glad she was driving across town for her mom.
I think Customer Service is something a lot places lack. But if you want to be treated 
like your business is important then shop at Material Girls!


B J Elder said...

It's great to hear these stories. We so often hear the complaints and it is good to give praise where deserved. Material Girls certainly deserve it! Love your fabrics. Hope you heal quickly.

Material Girls said...

Thanks Debbie!! I think Shelby is a gem too!! Hope you heal quickly so you can drive your sewing machine!

•stephanie• said...

i visited material girls back in may when we were visiting from arizona. shelby helped me, too. she cut exactly what i needed from lots of different bolts and was excited about the pattern i was purchasing and said to send her a photo of the quilt when i finish it. she was a doll. so ~ i know exactly who and what you're talking about.

get well soon!

Wendy said...

Oh dear! Take care of you and get better real soon ... real soon!! What a wonderful customer service story ... there seems to be so few of those to share and more often times, quite the opposite is true. You've made me wish to hop online and visit the store, Debbie :) Bless you and best wishes for a quick recovery!

Unknown said... was so mch fun and your post is AWESOME. I hope Shelby sees it. I aso hope your working on my "I want" list! Get well soon!

Sinta Renee said...

I nearly stopped everything and pushed old projects aside when I saw that circle quilt by Lori! It is so adorable... and her fabric is perfectly perfect for it too! Any of the lines! Have fun!!!

JudyCinNC said...

I love that you had a wonderful experience with Material Girls and I love it even more that you gave a very big "shout out" about it. Wish some of our local quilt shops could take lessons - so tired of locally poor customer service and they wonder why business is bad and we shop internet. Take care of yourself and do everything the good doctor says - Judy C in NC

sewinglady said...

Such a nice story on your customer service experience. I have checked with every quilt shop here down in Tampa Fl. and I have not been able to find Lori Holts fabric line. Not sure how to get it.

Vicki said...

First hope you are feeling better and able to get up and around soon. I love material girls, and when I lived in Utah I was there a lot. Now we live in Colorado and my super duper DH always makes sure I get to stop by there and catch up. I also love Pine Needles, I have known Sandy for years and years. She went from cross stitching to quilting to designer but never lost her head around her success.

Stitches said...

I hope your ouchie is much better and you will soon be up and around. Nice it hear about the nice quilt shop too.

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