Laundry Room

My washer and dryer die!
It was so sad for me, I get attached to my washer and dryer
 like I do my car, favorite chair or even my cat.
Its very hard to give
up something you get so used to. But my dryer was old enough it
was hard to get parts and I think My husband was done trying to fix it.
But I do bet he's wishing he had of found the
When you get a new washer and dryer you have to REDECORATE!!
He had to make a shelf to go above the new dryer and paint the old cupboard to match,
then he had to raise the washer and dryer and make a spot for laundry baskets, Do some molding work and paint more.
I had to make picture to go above the dry shelf ......
Yes I am very tired ....
I am now waiting for him to make frame to go around it.
I think he might be at the part store getting extra part for future needs...

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newsurfiegirl said...

I love the sign! Sorry to hear about your washer & dryer. I hope the new one brings you lots of joy!

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