Happy Farm Animals

We have several sweet animals on our farm.
And Sir Lambsalot has to be one of my favorites.

He is our southdown babydoll weather and he is always happy to see you.
Especially if you have food....lol

This is Hummingway and he was in need of a hair trim 
that I gave him right after these pictures. He love to humm
the most of all the alpacas. And is always the first to greet anyone at the fence.

The little pig in the middle is Annabelle and 
she rules the pasture.They all run if she comes running.
I think she does it just to watch them all run.
She loves to play.

Gus is the one looking at us and he is our oldest 
alpaca. He thinks all the food should be his.
So we have to watch him to make sure he lets everyone
The 2 white lambs are Dolly Madison and
Bernice LaFleece.
And our smallest alpaca is Wooly Wonka.
We just love them all.

This is Oden and he has the most beautiful fiber. 
He is a bit stand offish but is right there to see what is going on.

Annabelle loves to escape too.

We have lots of chickens but my favorites are the blue cochins.
We also have 2 turkeys.
The turkeys were suppose to be dinner last Thanksgiving...
No one could eat out pets.
This is the one we call my Daughter Darcey's boyfriend.
He just loves her and when she comes out he runs to her and struts his feathers.
He will tap his beak on the window when she is working at her desk and when she looks he fluffs up for her. We love watching him.

We love how soft all our animals are even the chickens...lol

The Sheep and the alpacas get along really well and even play together.

Well except Gus...he watches.

Its fun at feeding time because if you have food you can pet them longer.

So glad we trimmed Hummingway's face.

I can even take more pictures at feeding time.

This is Dolly. 

Hummingway can see now!
Now that you know the animals stop by and see what they are up to.

Thanks for stopping by to see the gang!

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