2 Friend's Trunk Show

Our quilting group "Rain Shadow Quilting Art Guild"
Had a Think Pink Party Wednesday.

It was such a fun night  with friends, food,
 pattern for a charity quilt and a perfect Trunk Show.

We started the night with a game of Quilting bingo.
After we enjoyed wonder refreshment that everyone brought.
With a lot of talking and enjoying each others company.

Everyone was wearing  Pink, even Beth who only owns pink underwear....
she sported it peeking out the top of her purple shirt.
We love Beth!
In celebrating the Friendships we make quilting...
the trunk show was put on by Julie Ross and Linda Coleman.

These two best friends put on the best quilt show EVER!
Julie is above and Linda is below.

They meet when Linda moved to the island and rented a home from Julie 
until they found what they want to buy.
They soon began quilting together and were dubbed by their families 
Lucy and Ethel.

They spoke about how much fun they had together quilting and how 
Julie always has  ideas for quilt kits they should do.
They have done a lot of the same quilts and have also picked the same fabrics and they
each did their own quilt.

They talked about what they have learned from each other.

The bond of friendship created though their love of quilting.

They are always will to branch into new techniques and try new tools.
And also this next quilt had enough leftovers they made the 
next one down.

Every quilt was amazing and beautiful.

They spoke about their family influences and the quilting 
they have done with each others family as well.

They hand make gifts to each other also and had several 
of those on the table.

It was so fun to listen to their story and 
also see what wonderful friends they are.

They spoke of the UFO's they have and one might get their quilt top done 
but the other has hers in a box....

I loved how they pointed out the best of each other also and 
all of the things the other can do.

You could tell they are very proud and happy to be the friends they have become.
Or I should say the sisters they have become.

They showed their first quilts to their currant quilts and 
spoke of lessons in quilting they have learned.

Each and every quilt was so much fun to see.

These girls will try the hard to the easy.

They showed and FEW they didn't do together.

And they have even given each other quilt tops they didn't 
want to finish and they asked for it back lol

We could have listened and watched for hours it was so much fun.

There should be more friends like these two!

Quilting Guilds are the place to make lasting friendships.
But you do have join to make these forever friends.

This Friend Trunk show was one of the best I have seen 
or listened to.
We should all hope to have or find and friends like these.

Their style is beautiful and reflects the joy they get not only from 
each other but the quilting they do together.

They are two amazing women who are perfect examples of 
the bonds we make when we share a love for something.
I moved to the islands 6 years ago and a day doesn't go by that 
I don't think of one or more of my quilting friends. 
Sometimes we may have only see each other once a year, 
a month or at a class 
or a meeting, 
but the bond we share of quilting always makes them special to me. 
And every quilter I have meet here is just as important to me.
I love going to retreats and classes with my quilty friends and would never 
trade them!!


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Thanks for a great post!

Farm Quilter said...

Quilting friendships are wonderful and oh so special!!

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