2 Friend's Trunk Show

Our quilting group "Rain Shadow Quilting Art Guild"
Had a Think Pink Party Wednesday.

Cooler Weather Means Baking

I really want to stay home, bake
and watch Christmas movies.

Scraps Are Never Thrown Away

I use my cut off pieces as Leaders and Enders when I sew and then I 
sew them together into fun things like these.
I am always amazed 
and just how much I get from cut off of each project. 
Sometimes I have like the project from the leftovers more
than the original project.

New Passion!

I really wanted a notebook to go with my travel sewing things.
I am forever needing to write down something when I am sewing
with girlfriends. 

Travel Pincushion


This is my travel pin cushion and I take to retreat and sew days with girlfriends. 
This is an Mary Engilbright tin cup and saucer.

Change Ups

Do you change your sewing room a lot....
I do.....All the time!
I decided to take down my cute quilt to hang my practical thread holder.
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