Travel Pincushion


This is my travel pin cushion and I take to retreat and sew days with girlfriends. 
This is an Mary Engilbreight tin cup and saucer.
I originally was going to glue magnets to the bottom of the cup making the sauce stick to the cup. And making this a magnetic pincushion. But it was such a cute cup and saucer that I decided to add a Hexie pin cushion in it also. Making it that much more adorable.


I didn’t want the pin cushion to fit down inside so that I can put the lid on when traveling to hold the pins inside.

I use the lid as a coaster when I am sewing. Because of the magnet underneath the cup the subs there become the magnetic pincushion. So as I sew I just set on saucer and they stay put.
I love having cute things for “Sew Days”.

Change Ups

Do you change your sewing room a lot....
I do.....All the time!
I decided to take down my cute quilt to hang my practical thread holder.

I couldn’t believe how much space all that thread was taking up.
When I saw the space I was gaining I didn’t fell so bad any more.

And now I can finish and quilt this one.
So win win!

I ❤️ Chicken Quilts!

I love putting the quilt together.
For some reason I just love making chicken quilts.
This chicken I got from a Meme’s quilt pattern and I have enlarged and shrunk this pattern so much I can’t remember what the original one looks like anymore.

I am not a fan of binding!

But the end result is worth it all.
This one goes on the church pew in the kitchen.
On to. The next

New Farm Name

This is our new Farm name and logo!

Fun Day at the Forever Farmhouse

On our farm we have so much fun with all our animals.
This is BFF.

New Pantry Door!

My new Pantry Door!!
I was so excited when my Dream Maker Husband finished this door.
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