Nuts For Knitting!

Do you like to knit?
 I do, but I am not that great at it.
I can knit as long as I don't have to change colors. And I love quick gradifications!
Wash cloths are just that. This is the one I just started and will look like an
 ice cream bar when done. I will admit crocheting is faster for wash cloths but
sometimes its is just fun to do something different. I was surfing
(as usual) and I found the cutest site. With patterns, and they are done in
 PDF files so you can order them and download them right now.
See another quick gradification...what can I say. And their patterns are
done really well. I did copy the ones I bought on card stock and then
put then in plastic sleeves. And they copied well too. they have a new
out called "Desserts Cloths" and they are so cute. But a warning comes
with this site..."Habit Forming". you will want to down load them all NOW!
 So stop by and let me know which one you will be starting with. LOL
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