What's in the Box!

It's a fun surprise...For Me!
I couldn't  help myself....Do you know how addicting Ebay is?
I am a sucker for Children sewing machines.

This is a Betsy Ross! I thought is was so cute. I love the red case.
I can't believe what great condition its in.

I feel like a little girl again just looking at it. When I was little my
Mom got me a Singer machine for childrem. Oh my I thought I was so big!
I knew just having it and sewing those straight stitches was making me sew a pro.
I would practice over and over and I loved every minute of it.
My sister loved her Easy Bake Oven.....
She loves to bake and I love to sew...
See how important those toys are.


Brenda Pruitt said...

I bought one of these little sewing machines at a garage sale once. Must have lost it along the way. Now I miss it! Going to have to shop and see if I can find one too! (I wasn't a baker...)

BeautifulDees said...

When I was a child my dad would upholster on the side for extra money for the family, he was a general contracter by trade.(He still upholsters at almost 80 years of age. Any way the sewing machine you have posted looks like my dads upholstery machine....I spent hours just being in the same room, listening to that baby hum along.(Good memories).
Thank you for your post.

Avalon Acres Farm said...

Oh, I learned on a Betsy Ross machine, how wonderful! I wish I had my sewing stuff from when I was little, I don't know what happened to the machine (I think my mom threw it away when she moved---after I had moved out)and my little strawberry covered sewing box got destroyed in a flood in our basement. I'm a sucker for Ebay as well, I can so relate, LOL! Enjoy your new toy!

Tanya said...

Oh how fun is your blog?! I just found it from Rae Ann's blog. Darling things you have here. I will be back often...and I'm grabbing a button if you don't mind!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is so wonderful! ~Kelly

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