YoYo Pincushion

I needed a new pin cushion....hahaha ...one can never have to many pin cushions...So I will start again...
I wanted to make a new pin cushion....

So I cut 2 circles  the size of a salad plate...
and that is just what I traced...
I traced this onto a piece of paper and when I was done I folded the circle in half...
and in half again...and in half again. 
About 1 1/2 inches from the raw edge I cut a scallop
 and it looks like the next picture. I pined and cut that piece out of wool.

I then Blanket stitched it to one of the circle pieces.

I traced 2 leaves and stitched them down the same as the scallop.

I added 3 yoyo's I made with the yellow yoyo maker
and I used the basket stitch to stitch them down too!
I took the other circle and with right sides together stitched around
edge leaving an opening for stuffing and turning.
After turning and stuffing I stitched it closed
and added rick rack around the edge.
And where I stitched the ends together
 I added the bow to cover the seams.
Set on a small cake plate and enjoy!!

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