Did Your Heart Sing Tuesday!

This is one of favorite old movies!
"If A Man Answers" 
I love Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee Movies.
 If you haven't seen it you would love it. But I remember watch this when I was young...I think about 12 or 13 and I knew I wanted to grow up and be just like "Sandra Dee" and come home to my "Bobby Darin". And he would sing all those romantic songs...to ME!
And it so fun to have a sneak preview with an old trailer. The trailers are so fun by themselves. There was a movie Kevin Spacey did about Bobby Darin's life called "Beyond the Sea" that was so fun also. And when you watch Bobby Darin on TV and then watch Kevin Spacey portray him ...well... it just makes me realize why Kevin Spacey is one of my favorites!
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