I Love Making Dish Towels!

 I Love making dish towels. These are one of my very favorite things to make. I find all the fun patterns for quilts and put them on my towels.

 You always start with the flower sack towels. I like these best because if you iron them, fold in half and try with a bow it looks for pretty for giving away. (You will see at the bottom of this post.)

 On this batch of towels I decided I really didn't want to stitch the letters that I wanted above the design. So I used my computer and made iron ons. I did the same thing with my blog logo and put it on the back corner. They look just like I do this all the time.....LOL

Next I love to crochet the bottoms just to make them a little more special. And it gives me something to do when we are watching a movie.

I like to do the first row on some with white
so it blends in and then the colors look like lace.

And its always fun to use more than 1 color! Now just tie with a ribbon and slide a wooden spoon in and you are done. I would give the pickle one with a jar of my pickled veggies.

This one you could give with a mixing bowl and all the makings for a cake.

This one could go with a bag of corn from "Farmer's Market".

 With a Dinner for a sick friend.

I just LOVE to make dish Towels!

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