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It was my turn at club to do the lesson and so mine was a gift idea.
With Christmas right around the corner I thought a homemade
dish towel and a tin of cookies with the recipe would be a fun and easy gift idea.
 This is the dish I did with rick rack sewn on the bottom and crocheting
on the bottom of the rick rack. I decided to make a kits for the
girls so they could make their own.
 I love doing things like this !
 My husband thinks that since I love to make labels it was just a good excuse.
Then I could put one on the cookie tin. LOL If you could see the bottom
you could see my label....

This was looking in the cookie tin.
Inside is a dish towel, thread, needle, recipe card,
picture of the dish towel, pattern and chocolate. When I was little  my Mom did her stitching on dish towels to pillow cases and I would help her by being the winder. You only needed the winder when you needed to start a strand of floss. We would use match book cardboard  to wind the floss to and we would write the floss # on the top. So  if you look into the above picture you can see my version of the floss winder. I did use my blog logo for the top. hehehe


Tied up with ribbon and a cookie cutter added.
This was so much fun for me.
I loved thinking of what I do for my turn.
I really enjoy this club and the talented ladies in it.

We always always do show and tell and this is Judy's!
We as a group were doing this quilt and Judy is one of the few
women I know that always finishes and quickly.
She always does the most beautiful job too!

  A better view.

Lucy did this one!
 It was darling!
This one has a pocket on the back with clothes to dress the dolls....so cleaver!

Pat had 3...she was a very busy woman!!!This class just ended!!
I do have all the kits...

So much work! And such a beautiful job!
I am so jealous I wish mine was done...

This was even prettier in person.

I told you she was busy.

This is Becky and she even had stitching on hers.

I forgot to take a picture of the refreshments....
Pat brought cookies and fried ice cream....so yummy! Now you can see why
I love going to club....very talented and fun women!
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