What Can I get From a Fat Quarter!

Yes! I am so full of great information today!!

Well after I got on my kid's facebook and made funny comments ...just to make their day of course...then sent a text message to my husband (who is out of town) just to wake him up as early as I was up....hhahahaha... I decide I really should do something that isn't causing trouble. And since I have to get to work.....I thought I would share the following with you....
Besides NOT being a body part ....
Fat Quarter Facts:
You can get
99…..2” squares

56…..2 ½” squares

42…..3” squares

30…..3 ½” squares

20…..4” squares

16…..4 ½” squares


9…..6” squares

6…..6 ½” squares

From a fat quarter!!!
SO get up and enjoy your day!!!


Sarah's Blogoversary!

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Two for Tea Time!

These are my 2 new book to enjoy during my nice warm cup of tea. I got these today!! And I could hardly wait to get everything done so I could pour a cup of tea and sit in my sewing room in the big rocker and enjoy!! I love ordering books from http://www.amazon.com/ They are alway fast and its so easy to order online. I hate to say this but I ordered a book from Barnes and Noble a week earlier and I am still waiting ....and waiting....But Amazon I waited 4 days....I am alway going to order from Amazon. Plus I can order a book for my I Touch and it is an instantly downloaded! If you want more information about these book click the amazon link on the right side and you will instantly be there....lol...Well got to go my teas is getting cold!

From Sewing Room to Kitchen

I have 1 friend I love to make gifts for, it is so fun to try and figure out something different but fun. She is such a neat friend she always likes everything I give her.....but for some reason I always look forward to making her something fun. This year for christmas I changed my mind at least 3 times and this is what I finally decided on.
This gift basket has 1 oven mitt and 1 hot pad I made. I made her a cook book with easy recipes made from cake mixes....bettycrocker.com has a bunch I use. I did the cookbook using my Your Story from Provo Craft. I love that thing!! I did the pages online at http://yourstoryonline.net I just design what I want ...print them out and bind them into a book. Also a few dish towels and (my Favorite) an angel measuring cups. you can see the the hotpads and angel below.

These are so easy and fun to make!

I love fun measuring cups they are one of my favorite things to collect! My friend love her gift ...I was so glad ....but I really enjoyed making it for her...Which I count as a gift I get back!


You will Love it!

This is one of the books I got for Christmas...and can I tell you I love it. I couldn't stop reading it. And the pictures are so nice. It is just a beautifully laid out book. Every recipe I am dying to make. And this book makes even getting muddy like a cowboy look fun. Like we are missing out on something. If you haven't seen it anywhere you can get it from amazon and the link is on my side bar. This is my favorite book I got this year. Well, I did down load to my I touch (from amazon) a few I am enjoying, but this one is my favorite.


Finshing is So Sweet!!

I showed you the squares a few weeks ago and now I am finally finished! I had the week after Christmas off and I didn't come out of my sewing room for days. I got so much done! This is the first thing I am sharing and I will show you more.
Sewing on the binding feels so close to be done.

This was the quilt as it was being quilted.

I love finishing! I really enjoy making scrappy quilts and when I am done I love to look at them and imagine them with different fabrics. Sometimes I even do them again if it was a fun pattern. This one was a fun pattern but I really want to get other things finished.
We did a hotpad swap at club last month and it was so fun I have been making all different kinds for gifts and I will share with you a few next post!

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