Busy As Can Be

I don't know about you but the Holiday's are always so hectic and lots decorating to do and company to see. So what better time than to Redecorate!


That is always how it goes at my house. But it is the holidays ...and I do want it to look beautiful.  So we began with this room. It was just a little to blah. It needs some color.

My Husband...his motto is "A happy Wife is a Happy Life".
But he isn't looking to happy... he will be when its done is the way I see it.. I will be so happy then! 


This room needs some color! So we started with that....but it needs more....


Yes it needs a valance....since I have lots of fabric.....I am hoping this turns out......


2 more windows to go.... and I love the new chairs ....the old ones are really cute so they will get moved to my sewing room....


 matching pillows for the couch and we are done!


Look how it looks at night....


Now I am happy.....and My husband....he's taking a nap....LOL.

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