Will be Missed!

I was so sad to open my computer today and read of the passing of 
Elizabeth Taylor
She was such an Icon. And will be always remembered not only
 for the movies I grew up on but for all of her Charity work too. 
And her many Marriages....LoL 
 I can remember my mother and aunts all wanting to look just like her. 
And reading every word printed about her. It is so sad to watch an era end. 
She will missed.


Sunnybec said...

It was a sad day, we saw it on the news and really she wasn't that old. Linda

Sheila said...

I was saddened by this news as well , she was a wonderful person , helping in so many causes and I have to admit as a child I wanted to look just like National Velvet too !

Julie Harward said...

I felt that way too...I used to write her letters when I was 11. I am sure she is one happy lady at this time, :D

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