The Mom Song


Linda said...

I watched it, I loved it, classic! Thank you for sharing this. I sent it to my grown children, so they wouldn't forget what it was like for me to be their Mom on a daily basis. I too, hope they have at least a couple of children of their own, so they will know how much fun it is to raise them and then look back and finally get to laugh at some of those stressful moments. What a privilege it was to be their Mother. Wouldn't trade those moments for anything. It is the name I am most proud to wear.
God Bless!

Beth Brohl said...

H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!!!!! What a funny video. What a fun video to watch first thing this morning. I think I will send this to my children. Thanks for the laugh. May husband has said in the past "I've seen you job, and I don't want it!" LOL. Happy Mother's Day!

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