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Doesn't this look like the best place to sew today!
I think it would be "sew" fun to just look thru quilting books here too!
This room belongs to:
Melissa Mortenson is the blog author and it it such a fun blog 
you just have to stop by and visit. She even has a great 
recipe for Pasta Fagioli.
So lets see what has this room inspired me to make....
polka dots...
I love polka dots...
how about an apron...I found a free pattern at:

Polka Dot Utility Apron: {Vintage Pattern}

ith princess lines. Pot holder to match completes the picture.
Vintage Sewing Pattern For Polka Dot Apron - 1945
Vintage Sewing Pattern For Polka Dot Apron - 1945

Polka Dot Utility Apron

Polka Dot Cotton – 1 yard
J. & P. COATS Percale Bias Trim (double fold) in two contrasting colors
Snap Fastener
J. & P. COATS or CLARK’S O.N.T. Mercerized Sewing Threads to match
Cutting Directions:
Do not add seam allowance to pattern pieces. Pattern piece downloads are at bottom of article.
Apron Front 1 piece, Pattern No. 1
Side Fronts 2 pieces, Pattern No. 2
Bib 1 piece, Pattern No. 3
Pockets 2 pieces, Pattern No. 4
Ties 2 pieces, each 3 1/2″ x 30″
Sewing Directions:
  1. Baste and stitch apron sections, right sides together. Press seams open.
  2. Using all bias trim in double fold, trim lower edge of apron with two rows (of one contrasting color); place one row 1″ above lower edge and second row 1 3/4″ above first row; have open edges of bias at top. Top stitch close to top edges.
  3. Bind side and lower edges of apron with remaining color bias trim; leave top edge free. Turn upper edge to right side 1/4″; press.
  4. Using same shade bias trim as on lower edge of apron, place rows of bias 1″ from edges of bib, lapping trim at corners. Top stitch close to edges.
  5. Bind all edges of bib with same color as outer edges of apron.
  6. With centers matching, lap lower edge of bib over upper edge of apron 3/8″. Top stitch bib in place through all thicknesses.
  7. Trim lower edge of pocket with two rows of bias trim (same color as lower edge of apron) spacing in same way.
  8. Bind all edges of pocket with same color as outer edge of apron.
  9. Place pockets in position on apron; top stitch in place, leaving upper edges free.
  10. Turn in long edges and one end of each tie and finish in narrow machine hems.
  11. Fold a soft pleat in raw end of each tie. Place in position at corner of apron (at waistline) on wrong side; stitch in place. Close points of bib on back with a snap fastener.


Click Picture To Download Pattern Sheet
Click Picture To Download Pattern Sheet
How To Make Patterns:
The diagrams on squares are guides for enlarging patterns to actual size. Each small square on diagram represents a 1″ square in actual size.
  • First note the number of small squares in the length and width of the pattern you wish to make. This tells you the number of inches to allow for the length and the width of your pattern.
  • With ruler, draw a box of the length and width needed. Mark off 1″ spaces around all sides of the box.
  • Use ruler to join corresponding marks with straight lines. Use the squares thus made as a guide and draw lines to correspond with those given in the diagram.
How To Use Patterns
Following the lines drawn to correspond with the diagram, first cut out the pattern you have made on paper (the arrow indicates the grain of the fabric).
Then pin the pattern to fabric. The patterns should be pinned so that, when cutting, 1/2″ of fabric will be left around all edges for seam allowance except where special seam allowance is indicated in text (apron No. 2) or no allowance (aprons Nos. 1, 20 and 21) or when pattern sections are given by measurement.
When a pattern section is marked “On Fold,” that edge must be placed directly on the fold of the fabric, and the fold must not be cut. Be sure to transfer all marks found on patterns to the fabric.
Source: Aprons – The Spool Cotton Company (1945)
This is pattern #1 in the booklet so no seam allowance is required. I’ll have another apron pattern from this booklet up next week (Wednesday).

I love that site ..there are so many patterns for free. 
If you haven't been there grab a cup of tea and sit a spell and Enjoy!


Sinta Renee said...

I love the sweet little project. Can't get enough of vintage aprons! Thanks for sharing it!

mary pernula said...

Love the apron! Hugs Mary

Denise :) said...

Why have I never found your blog before! What fun -- instant follower! :)

Quilt n Queen said...

I luv vintage and polka dots are a favorite of mine too. Thanks for sharing the pattern Debbie ....don't you just luv the tiny waist lines, I'm working on it!! Have a great weekend!!

Gmama Jane said...

I love vintage aprons and enjoy apron swaps. It is a nice break in between quilts. Thanks for the heads up on the web site with free patterns.
Gmama Jane

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