Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where Would You LOVE to Sew Today?

Look how cute this room is....
and that chair darling.
I don't know who's room it is I found it on the Internet.
So if its your let me know...
maybe we can have a sewing
I can just see me sewing away sitting in that chair.
I could roll over to the cutting table and back.
  if I need a break I can just roll around 
and look at everything.
This is so simple and I love the walls and the color is from 
thing of fabric.
 And the shelves are perfect above the sewing machine.
I am trying to decide what I would make in this room...
I am thinking....
something floral...
maybe ...
A flower basket

If you go over over to:

You can find so cute quilt kits.
Wouldn't 1 block make the cutest Hot pad! 
Maybe even 4 blocks in the corner of a tablecloth.
What are you sewing today?

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Mona said...

Yes it`s a beautiful sewingroom. I spend my day with and old UFO from 2006. It`s a rugquilt. Have a nice day. Hugs from Norway.

sewinglady said...

Love the sewing room!

Cozy Little House said...

I would very much like to sew there! Or even have my computer there.

Annette said...

I feel peaceful just by looking at this room. Beautiful!

corners of my life said...

Thanks for the kit link.
2012 will be the year I begin quilting.

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