Where Would You Love to Sew Today!

I don't feel like doing to much today I just want to sit in a
comfy chair and stitch.
So I am going over to
and sit in her chair...I love looking at the pictures on her blog too!
Since it is October I can watch "Hocus Pocus"
sip a cup of "french Vanilla" tea.
 I will bring a quilt in case its cold to hug up in.
I think I will stitch....

Pattern is over at Etsy:

Sipping tea makes me think of stitching tea cups.
 I give this dish towel to my girlfriends with a
packaged of my favorite tea and a pretty cup.
My favorite tea I get from Savannah Georgia at
The Tea Room.
Its French Vanilla and they have these great tea
pockets. you can order online at:
They have a hug selection of teas.
If you can ever go there make sure to make time to
have lunch here. So fun!
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