Tutorial For Needle Holder

Why not make your own needle holder and they are so easy to make!

I started with scrap book paper that is decorated on both sides.

With one paper you can make 3 needle holders.
Cut into 4 inch strips.

The inside is Warm and Natural cut into 3 1/2 X 4 inches

On the top of the strip cut off about 2 inches.

You can use this piece to decorate the front or throw it away.

I used scallop scissors and cut the bottom along the edge.
fold up about 3/4 of an inch.
This is where the Warm and Natural will fit in.

Now using a stapler staple in place. Make sure you are stapling 
towards the bottom so that the top can slide in .
It should look like a match book.
You can do a running stitch with crochet thread
before or after stapling in place....
but before is easier.

I copied one of my favorite vintage pictures and 
sized it to about 2 1/2 X 3. 
cut it out and glued it on.

I used a small crochet flower I bought at the quilt shop in a package.
I put the button on top of the flower and using the crochet thread
I sewed right thru the card stock. I left enough thread to slide 
the charm on and tie a bow.

You can see the placement of the staple in this picture.

Add pins/needles and you are done!
See how easy and what a fun gift for your 
quilting or stitching friends.
The cover can be done any way at all. And if you don't 
think you are very creative just wander down the scrapbook 
isle at the store and you will come up with a million ideas.
Happy Sewing!

I put everything away finally because I 
just finished the directions for 
"Vintage Rose Sewing Kit".
In between "Pinterest" I finally
got the direction and recipe typed 
up and put in a PDF format to email 
I have to say I am addicted to
"Pinterest" and have the "Pin It" button 
just right above the screen makes it so easy to 
pin something....anything.... oh my I have 
go ....getting the urge...

Vintage Rose Sewing Kit

This is my newest pattern!
I wanted to make a pattern for a useful and vintage 
looking sewing kit. 
I love Vintage!
The center of the flower on the front is a pincushion.
So when you need to get more tea you have a spot 
to stick your needle while you are gone.
The Inside:

The heart is the perfect place to put your favorite 
scissors and the square is not only a needle holder
but a pocket for other treasures. This is very easy and you can use lace 
if you don't crochet.
I will have the pattern on my Etsy Shop tomorrow.
I was so excited to show you I couldn't wait until I 
have the pattern posted...but it will bee soon...

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