I put everything away finally because I 
just finished the directions for 
"Vintage Rose Sewing Kit".
In between "Pinterest" I finally
got the direction and recipe typed 
up and put in a PDF format to email 
I have to say I am addicted to
"Pinterest" and have the "Pin It" button 
just right above the screen makes it so easy to 
pin something....anything.... oh my I have 
go ....getting the urge...


Karen said...

Pinterest is very addicting. But I love having a place to "store" all the inspiration. Have to go now, I see your button and have to sign up to follow you....

Donna said...

Your needlework patterns are so much fun. When you work on flour sack towels, do you use something thin on the back to keep stitches from pulling out? Your towel ideas are inspiring, and I'm saving the towels for summer stitching on the porch.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes, one could be lost in the Pinterest vortex for sure! LOVE your needle book!!! Super cute!!


busyascanbe said...

I always put a light iron on pellon on the back of my dish towels. It helps stablize the fabric for stitching. And my Husband likes stitching them better when I stablize them...hehehe

Miss Gracie's House said...

Pinterest is awesome...we just finished painting my dd's kitchen and finding a paint color was easy-peasey thanks to pinterest!
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