Happy Happy Birthday!

It was my favorite Aunt Joyce's birthday....I think she turned 72 
but if you saw her you would never know it.
My sister, Brother and I wanted to give her something special 
and so I volunteered to make a quilt.
They didn't argue.....
She is a great mother, fabulous Grandmother and My 
Favorite Aunt! I really wanted to to make her a fun, bright 
and makes you smile quilt since thats the way I have always seen her.
Growing up I spent any time I could at her house.

This is her! 
My Aunt Joyce!
I do think the quilt is big enough for her to snuggle 
up under for all those cold nights watching fun movies.

I love making quilts with lots of fabrics.  
And this one defiantly did.
There are so many pieces of my life that my aunt touched
that a scrappy quilt is just what I had to make her.

Happy Happy Birthday
Aunt Joyce!

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