Day's of the Week Dish Towels

Finally I am done with with my new patterns.
Days of the week has a pattern for each day of the week.

I had so much fun doing these...and so did my stitch er...
my husband Kelly.

They remind me of when I was small and my Mother stitched 
"Days of the Week" dish towels. But I don't remember ever using hers.

We do use the ones I make....
But I do threaten that the first one to use them to clean 
up Kool aid will be the next stitch er.

Thursday on my sampler is spelled wrong....
LOL... I left it ....I really didn't catch until after pictures.
My only excuse is this is the one I stitched, not my husband, after I had just 
had surgery on my foot. So I blame the pain pills.

I love stitching dish towels. And they make the best gifts.

I don't know which one is my favorite, it changed as each one got done.
You can find these over at:
Just click the link and stop by!

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