Ta Da I Love these!

I love using the Ta Da half Square Triangles!

I use 2 packages so we will see just how big this quilt ends up!

It might just be a bit bigger than i thought!
I have a bunch this size.

I love working on surprise quilts.
I think this one will go good in my trailer!
I will share when I am finished!

Ta Da Half Square Triangles

I bought several packages a few years ago and never did try these....
Why....who know ....
maybe they were for one of many collections.
Anywho  I decided to pull then out and give them a whirl.
Oh my gosh I love them....
You use them with fat quarters and thats the perfect size because it makes them very easy to manage. I will show you my quilt  later ...I just had to post about how cool this product is. And it was easy and fun.
I did go and order more because they were so easy to use.
When trying to decide what pattern to put them in I did get better results from google images than their website. SO I guess I would say that was my only complaint....oh and if they were smart they would do a few "Free " patterns on their website that would probably help the sale of their product.


Wishing you a fun filled weekend!

My plan is to bind this quilt!
I am going to be so glad when I am done binding all the quilts I finished!


New Pattern and Pincushion

Doesn't this bunny make you think spring?
This is my newest pattern and Kelly is busy stitching up pillow case patterns now.
Can't wait to show you!

You can never have enough pincushions! 
I love to make them so I guess I better start wrapping them for gifts. LOL

On to Binding!

I was so busy quilting quilts that I am now doing all the bindings on those.
Hope I will be done soon!!

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