Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Turn on "It's For the Birds" Hop

Thanks again to Mary and Samm for all the hard work that goes into hosting a blog hop.
I love doing these and seeing what all the girls come up with.
Well...I bet you are so surprised to see a dish towel.....
hahahahaha... I love dish towels!

I couldn't decide just what to do...
I was going to do an applique...
Then....I was going to do paper piecing....
But you know when it cam right down to it ...
I had to do a stitchery....

I love to do pretty dish towels.

And its so fun to crochet around the edges. Its such a nice touch. On dish towels it is so easy.
I just push the hook thru the flour sack and single crochet all the way around the edge. Change color and single crochet again all the way around. No I don't turn. Then chain 4 and single crochet in every other single crochet. See Easy!

Now for the fun part...the Giveaway!
Everyone who adds me to there blog roll and leaves a comment will get a free stitchery pattern.
That's easy too!
Oh but there is a catch .....
you can only do this until midnight may 15th 2013 then the offer flys away.

Be Sure to stop by the other blogs today:
Wednesday, May 8


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