I Live in Paradise

I love my new location ....San Juan Islands.
I live on San Juan in Friday Harbor but I visit the other 
islands each week.
I know tuff duty....I love it.

These pictures were taken as I drove from one spot to another and as I was driving I was thinking just how beautiful it is. So I pulled out my phone and took a few pictures.

This really is paradise and if you have never been to the San Juan Islands in Washington you really should.

I just feel so  lucky to get to enjoy this amazing place.

Each place on the islands are different and all very pretty.

I think I need a boat next....


B J Elder said...

I always thought it would be great to visit, or live, where you are. We were south of Seattle for 7 years, but never made it to your piece of paradise. I'm so glad you are enjoying life there. May it continue to be so for you!

Unknown said...

Ah...this brings back memories, my brother owned a home in Friday Harbor, one of the condos, ti was so wonderful! But after about 8 years they got real tired of the commute...they used to spend their summers up there...I remember the places you took the photos! :) Enjoy!!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

God does such amazing work. :) blessings, marlene

Stacey said...

Wow! How lucky for you to have such beauty surrounding you. I hope you'll be really happy there. :)

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