Moving! Oh My Gosh!

Yes you read it right....
I am moving to San Juan Islands!!!!!!
I can't believe it.
I went up there (pictures in my last post) to look at where my work was offering me a new job,
and all I had to do was get on the ferry and I was hooked.
I will be living on the main Island that is San Juan and I am so excited.
I couldn't get over how beautiful it is up there and I couldn't say yes fast enough.
I figure my applique should greatly improve with all the ferry rides I will be doing.
So if I don't post as much over the next few weeks I hope you understand.
I am a little worried about my quilting addition since there are no quilt stores on the islands so I am so glad I was hording!

Gone But With Good Reason

I have been gone to San Juan Islands in Washington!
First I took a plane from Salt Lake City to Seattle and rented a car,
then drove I think about 2 hrs to the ferry. Then waited 1 hr and 30 min for the ferry.
Then rode the ferry for 2 hrs.
And finally got there!

It was worth the day of travel to get there!
It is a darling town with only about 7000 residents.
Except during the summer it goes up to 20,000.

Every view was wonderful and breath taking!

There were several different beaches all around.
And tons to do!

So quaint!

I cried having to come back....
I know that looks like rain but it was me crying....

New Toy

Machine embroidery is so fun!
I needed a new travel machine and the next thing I knew I was buying one that embroider too! Now before I hear Whhhaaatt? Let me just say it was very light so it is my new travel machine too! See I really was thinking.... well at least thats my story and I am sticking to it! 

A little bird....

A little birdy told me ......
to draw this picture because my husband likes these birds.
He says they are good luck...
I think he's right because I felt very lucky he stitched it for me!
You can get the pattern at the link below:

Beary Sweet

Yes she is Beary Yummy's girl friend. 
Aren't bears so cute. 
I do have to admit that I drew these two to try and slow down my stitching husband. He is just way to fast! I really thought the fluffy bears would slow him up but it didn't. He has the fastest needles in the west!
I thought if he stitched slower I could get caught up on the patterns he has already finished for me....
Yep I have more to do....
you can get this one at:
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