The Pretty Room

My living room was dubbed the pretty room when no one could get the difference between the "living room" and the "family room". So we started calling it the the pretty room.

This was my "no one goes into room but company"....LOL...
and then ......if you were considered family you didn't go in here either.

My dining area is my favorite.

I love my checkered chairs!
I really will miss this house....


The Kitchen is The Heart of The Home

My house is now on the market.
I am sad about leaving this home because it is a home full of wonderful memories. This is where we spent 96% of our time.

This room is one of my favorite places to be. 

Our Family room is at the other end of the kitchen. I loved this because for holidays you can prepare the meals and still be a part of everything.
Plus you won't miss the movie!

I just hope I like my next house as much as this one.
sniff, sniff, sniff

Welcome to Monday!

Monday.....I am wishing it was sunday again so I had 1 more day.
Moving is not my favorite thing.
But it will be so fun to be by the water and ride the ferry.

I just wish I was all done!
I am driving up early to find all the quilt shops!
Oh and a place to stay while I sell my house.
Have a great day!


New Road....

Traveling down a new road ....
can't wait for the adventure to begin.
I will probably not be blogging to much while I get ready to move.
So may your day be full of sweetness!

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