Favorite Tool!

I love love love this tool.
It is called "The Cutting Gizmo".
It is perfect for cutting apart all the pieces you daisy chain.
Just sit it next to your machine and after sewing a bunch of squares in a chain you just use this to cut them apart.

You can get one at:

They have a few other great tools too....wink wink...


In The Cabin...

In my cabin in the woods ...this is my bedroom.
I told you how I moved from Utah to Washington...
to San Juan Islands...
well I am still not settled. 
I rented a cabin in the woods and brought the Guest Bed
 from home and some odds and ends to 
make me feel at home until my house sells and I get to move all of my things up here.

This is the corner...I had to bring a dress form...or 2...LOL..

I am on 9 and 1/2 acres in the middle of the island and it gets really dark.
It is so pretty on the island no matter where you it is making it hard to 
decide where I want to buy a house at. But it will happen..

There are deer everywhere and they even climb right up on the porch.
My new life adventure has been so fun. This is a very different way of live 
and I am really enjoying it.

I did finally get to sew last weekend! And with not bringing very much furniture 
I had plenty of floor space to lay out a quilt.


Finally Got to Sew!

With moving and a new job its been hard to find time to sew.
I finally found the time! Yes!! And I got the whole top done!

It was so nice to get to sew! I ate chocolate and drank tea and sewed all day!
I loved it!

Just need to iron the edges and its ready to quilt!
I am on to the next project already...
you'll have to stop by and see what it is...


Sleep Tight!

I thought I would continue sharing my house pictures (even though I am moving). This is my bedroom and I have always loved this room. It large and yet very homey. I loved laying in bed watching TV with my Husband.

We could just close the door and it felt like we were in our own space with plenty of room.

And I loved having double sinks.
Even though mine was always messy and my husband's was always spotless.
I am hoping I find a home I love as much as this one.
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