Stitching Up Snowmen A to Zzzzz

Kelly finished another block.
I wish I stitched as fast and as perfect as my Husband!!
Last week I took him to Shepherd's Bush!
He got new needles and a few more kits to stitch up for me!!
Right now he is stitching up a new pattern.
Knowing him it will be done before I get the pattern done.


Stacey said...

How cute! Years ago I used to do all kinds of stitching and just seem to have left it behind. You always make me want to try again. So is the redwork mostly chain stitching?

Farm Quilter said...

How fun to share stitching with your husband!!! Awesome way to spend time together :)

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I used to teach my 6th graders how to embroider and so many of the boys did gorgeous stitches and so quickly! I had one boy that had amazing embroidery schools which made lots of sense because both of his parents were surgeons!!! Your husband's work is fantastic. I find stitching so relaxing, I hope he does too!

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