Sewing Room Curtains

I ordered these for the under curtains (sides) and I am making a valance. I think with
the line called "She who Sews' by Janet Wecker Frisch I can make a cute one with:

I am getting to excited to get my new sewing room done.


New Sewing Room

Finally found it!
I looked everywhere and I finally found the flooring for my new sewing room!
I am so exited! I am doing the room with fabric by J. Wecker Frisch and I can't wait to get started.
I bought a few of her prints to hang on the wall too!
      I am using the button fabric to cover my ironing/pressing table.
I have a ton of fabric so I can't wait to get started!

Moving Fun

I haven't been posting because so busy getting our new place ready to move into.
When you move from the suburbs to the country there is a lot to learn. 
Septic systems, wells, animals, ponds and never forget stinging needles.
We are re carpeting, painting and general remodeling. 
Took a break and this is a picture of our back yard. 
We have a lot of deer and I am learning which flowers they will and won't eat. LOL
I will be so glad to be done and moved in!
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