My Baby....

My Baby got married this last weekend.
I can't believe she is so grown up, but she is.
We are so happy for Bethany and Chuck they make the cutest couple.

See ...
I told you!
I just love these two!

Jax was the Ring Security and carried this sign.
So cute!

This is my Husband Kelly walking her down the isle.
It was such a beautiful wedding and so fun to see everyone.
We are back in Washington and missing them all ready.


Christine M said...

Lovely photos Debbie. Congratulations to the newly weds.

Astri said...

Hello Debbie, I have sadly not been here in a while and how lucky I was to check in on your blog today and see this beautiful wedding. CONGRATS! Everyone looks so happy. :-)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

The ladies look lovely and modest!

I'm so happy for you all.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

David James said...

Wow! Really nice and Congratulation ...
God Bless all of you ..

Melanie said...

My son is getting married in October. They are using the same colors. I shared the photos with them. They photographed beautifully. Congrats --

Lynette said...

Big congratulations!! What a pretty place to have a wedding.

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