The Mallory's

This is new newest addition to our farm.
The Mallory's
Yep I know they should all have their own names but....
I can't tell them apart.

I figure maybe when they are bigger I will be able to then I will 
rethink their names.

They have to stay in the house at night until they are a bit older.

Henry thinks they are pretty interesting, 
he does keep barking  at them. 
I figure they will be friend soon.


GranthamLynn said...

Oh sweet. I used to follow you. But changed computers and lost you. I came over from Becky's Sweet Cottage. What a perfect day to find you again. I'll hang around awhile and see what I've missed.

Stacey said...

How cute!! :)

Farm Quilter said...

They are adorable! I love how each one has a different side marking on their head!!

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