Quilter's Anonymous Show

We went to the Quilt Show put on by the Quilter's Anonymous Guild
 at the Monroe Fairgrounds over the weekend
and there were so many beautiful quilts. I took several pictures to share.

The talent in this group is amazing.

Some you could stand and look at forever.

Some are on my wish I could do that list.

And some I know I could never do.

But it was so fun to go and see.

Some are already on my cutting table....

And some now will be added to the list.

This one was for Kelly's stitching list....
hint hint

I just loved seeing the color combos of ones we all attempt.

This is just to cute!!

You want to go down every row several times.

1 inch squares.....beautiful!

I liked the ones that combined sewn blocks with applique.

This one is the one I wish I had the patience to stay with. 

They were very small hexies to die for (below)!!

It was so much fun to make the trip over to this show I will be going again next year for sure.

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Sherry said...

I missed the show this year, it is so close to me but I had just returned from a trip to see my sister so I spent the day at home. Thanks for sharing the pictures of some of the fabulous quilts.

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