Busy Busy Busy!

I love my sewing room! And I love my shelves that my husband made for me.

I am all ready planning projects for next year!

Even Norris likes relaxing by a quilt.

Sometimes even the design wall gets over loaded!

I am packed in this little room but I love my sewing space.

2 of my favorite sewing needs...
Pincushion that holds scissors and
My sewing bag my husband stitched for me.
I just love sewing day!


Sherry said...

Your sewing room is fabulous. I recently finished my spool quilt and I think we used some of the same fabrics.

Kaylene said...

I love your sewing room. My sewing room is really small & packed, but it is my happy place. I really like that pin cushion that hold the scissors. Where can I find a pattern for that? Suppose if I just messed around, I could do it without, but a pattern would make it much nicer. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us@

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