Decorating with Signs

This is a new sign my daughter and husband made for me this week and I love it!!
I love decorating with signs but can you have to many?

I think it depend on you.
The number one rule is do what makes you happy.
I do tend to over think my signs and what exactly I want in a certain place,
but it always makes me happy when it comes together.

And signage need to fit the space it goes in.
This one is vinyl place directly on the wall above my design wall.

I use them to label baskets that are visible and try to stay with the theme of the room.

Using plates, old windows and anything else is a fun idea too.

I change out my signs by front door for each season.
It doubles as a decoration for the currant holiday.

I will say just remember what ever your sign says you will read it over and over again. So make sure it is something you want stuck in your head for eternity. That is what happens...
My mother had a sign by the front door the whole time I was growing up and to this day I can still recite ever word.

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