Where would you love to sew today?

I would love to be sewing today with my sweet friend 
Diana White! 

We have sew much fun sewing together and its been far to long!
If you want to see all her cute ideas and her hoop dolls then stop by instagram at:

She is very talented and super cleaver!
This is her darling sewing room.

And there is plenty of room for 2 to sew in her craft room!

Look how cute her sewing table is.
I love the extra table space behind the sewing machine.
And the storage space below the table top.

The view out her window is always beautiful and she has so many
 cute displays you want to just look and look.
Diana is working her dream job with My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe and Kimberbell Designs.
We all have favorite friends to sew with and she is at the top of my list.
I miss sewing with her and it been far to long since we got together to sew.
Let make a sew date soon!

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