I am so glad you stopped by!
I am a woman who changes her mind daily. I love to cook...we maybe today. I love to quilt...maybe today. And I love to shop....Always! But each day I feel like something different. So I will Share with you what ever the day brings! And just ask my Husband its always a new adventure at Our House! I also believe there are "Cleaning Fairies" and I usually cook or quilt while I wait for them. They haven't shown up yet....but.... It could Happen!!


marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Didn't know you had moved. Glad you posted on the old site. Congrats on your new site.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Debbie it is so nice to now see a pretty face to your name! Sweet Debbie! I love your new blog!!!!


Unknown said...

We are so much alike! I am happy to meet you! :)

Vintage Chicken said...

So happy to find your lovely blog!
I'm your latest stalker... uh I mean follower! LOL

Come by and visit me anytime!


ohiostar5 said...

I just got the message---The cleaning fairies will be at your house tonight, and then they will come to mine tomorrow. They said they might have to stay two nights at my house because mine is pretty bad after Christmas. Be sure and leave cupcakes and milk for them, they have quite a sweet tooth..

Annie Hollenbeck said...

I seem to walk parallel to your path when it comes to not knowing which craft I want to do from day to day.

Thanks for sharing on your blog! I look forward to reading more and being inspired. :-D

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

I noticed you pinned my blog and saw you had one, your blog is gorgeous! If the cleaning fairies ever show up, ask them to come over to my place when they're done :) enjoy your move!

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