Easy Fast Coasters

This coaster is so easy peasy you won't believe it.
I was at a retreat and one of the girls showed us how to do
these. I thought they would be a great idea to make with kids 
and great for all the online swaps we do.
Great Stash buster too.

What you will need is 7 5 X 5 pieces of fabric.
I just used a charm pack.
And you will need a hexie ruler, I used Lori Holt's 
Hexie Half because its what I have and it worked perfect
and with less cutting. If you need one The Fat Quarter Shop carries them.

Fold your charm fabric in half and line the dotted lines 
on the bottom of the ruler up with the folded edge.

Cut the 3 sides. 

Open it up and it should look just like this.
Now lay the one you want for the bottom face up 
on the table. 

Fold and iron your remaining 6 in half.
Lay the folded one on top just like the above picture.
you are lining the bottom hexie and the folded one together 
so when you look at it, one half is 1 color and the other half is another color.

Lay your next hexie on the next edge.
You are going to do this on all 6 sides of the bottom hexie.

See how you are just going around.

This is easy for the first 4.

When you get to the 5th one you will need to lift the first one 
and lay it under.

It will look like this.

Then the sixth one goes under the 1st one too.
But it is on top of the 5th one.

Now it should look like this and you are ready 
to sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around it.

When you are all done sewing it will look like this.
From the middle you can turn it to the right sides. 
It will turn very easy.

And will look like this when turned.
you can top stitch it if you want or leave it alone.
I decided to just leave mine.
Because the center opens you can put the bottom of wine 
glasses in it when you have company. If you make them all different
everyone will know which one is these.

Or a nice mug of root beer works well too!


Ness said...

These are really cute and fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Ness said...

These are really cute and fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Chelra said...

A wonderful idea for our church bazaars. Thank you so much!

eileensideways said...

i love the hexie shape, very creative. thanks for sharing your tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I love these, so cute! I also love the charm pack shown, do you recall the name of the fabric? Thanks!

Zhende said...

Are all 5" hexie rulers the same? Mine is from Missouri Quilt and has a quarter inch seam marking. The measurements are 5" bottom, 2 3/4"sides, 2 5/8" top. I am using 5" charm squares and cannot get the coaster to come out
right. I really need some help!!!

Unknown said...

I can't turn mine for the life of me

Saucyakld@gmail.com said...

Cute Debbie, I made the same but square

cspoonquilt said...

Great demo! I will definitely be making some of these for holiday gifts! Thanks!

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