Travel Pincushion


This is my travel pin cushion and I take to retreat and sew days with girlfriends. 
This is an Mary Engilbright tin cup and saucer.
I originally was going to glue magnets to the bottom of the cup making the sauce stick to the cup. And making this a magnetic pincushion. But it was such a cute cup and saucer that I decided to add a Hexie pin cushion in it also. Making it that much more adorable.


I didn’t want the pin cushion to fit down inside so that I can put the lid on when traveling to hold the pins inside.

I use the lid as a coaster when I am sewing. Because of the magnet underneath the cup the subs there become the magnetic pincushion. So as I sew I just set on saucer and they stay put.
I love having cute things for “Sew Days”.

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Mimi said...

That’s a bit adorable:)

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