New Passion!

I really wanted a notebook to go with my travel sewing things.
I am forever needing to write down something when I am sewing
with girlfriends. 

I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I decided to make it.
I wanted something like a travel planner but different.
And if I could use the fabric I made all of my bags out of  then that would
be even better,
SO I took to Youtube....

This is made like a travel planner so I could slide in and out 
the notebook I wanted in it and I wanted a to add a travel 
planner calendar too. There are also slots for cards.

I added a zipper to the back to add anything I don't want to 
lose. I had so much fun making this I think I will do More!!

This is my set I wanted it to match.
I also made a large bag to hold my cutting mats, rulers and etc.
I put a pocket in the front of it to hold this book.
I am ready now for the next "Sew"ical Day!

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